Venus Retrograde

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readings the offered season body may possibly not be the highest lovey dovey! 
This year of the calendar year absolutely everyone  inquires regarding potential interactions, job and economic potentials for 2004.  What in excess of the primary planetary information and activities using level in just the calendar year?  Consider convenience of the soon after in direction of program your 12 months forward.
In the course of the interval of May well 17-June 29 2004 Venus enters Retrograde.  Venus is the globe of take pleasure in, reflecting and revising  the loving major is crucial.  Passion is stagnant and inwardly expressed.  This is not a season towards start out courting or just take married.  If your self are investing for an high-priced  matchmaking or courting services, this would be an great year toward freeze your subscription.   Regrettably, it is an good quality season toward research and refresh a latest romance.  
Given that Venus laws monetary, logically funds is acquired all through energy.  Through the Venus Retrograde of Oct throughout  November 2002,  a developing supervisor was employed towards afford to pay for a creating within just replace for a totally free rental.  This supervisor not just embarked a clean task, nevertheless as well a refreshing property.   She detested the process and hated her dwelling diseases.  She cease right before Venus grew to become lead.  Within fewer than 6 months, she moved two times.  I marvel in excess of the 3rd House she moved far too quickly thereafter.  It is highly recommended issue upon retain any most significant pursuits, alternatives or embarking any contemporary ventures upon this retrograde.
Towards a hard work point of view, Never ever At any time Start out A Clean Activity No matter what check here Upon A